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Ryan Bindl

Ryan Bindl

The money I am raising will support programs and funding research that will directly impact patients and their families living with Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD).

I learned about FSHD because of a project at school to research a charity. I choose to do my project on the FSH Society because my Jr. Crusaders baseball coach, Tim Hollenback, has the disease and I really want to help him find a cure! During my research, I learned that the FSH Society has found the cause of the disease and they are very close to developing a cure. They need about $10 million dollars to get the testing needed to bring the cure to those affected by 2025.

I have set a goal to raise $2000 for the FSH Society (100 people to donate $20). This cause is so important to our family. We want to help Coach Tim and all the others that are affected. We plan match up to $1000 of your donations!

Please visit the FSH Society website (fshsociety.org) to learn more about FSHD, ways to get involved, and everything that is happening!

Also, check out the report I did for my 5th grade class: youtu.be/Y3RYuhKsFE4 I am thankful to my class who choose the FSH Society as the charity that will benefit from our class bake sale!

Thank you for your support and for considering a donation to this cause!
- Ryan


raised of $4,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. MPMelissa, Mike, And Ryan Palmer
2. TNThe Nels
3. BLBeth Lunow
Great work, Ryan and Bindl Family!
4. CPChris Pilon
Good luck with your fundraising goal Ryan!
5. PWPaul Wickert
Ryan; I hope to meet you this summer at one of your ball games. Mikey P's mom and I are friends and she told me about your project. Your video was awesome and so effective. My son has early onset Parkinson's at about your coach's age so I can relate to how difficult it is to live with these conditions. Your coach's words about his faith on you video touched me very much and we all can learn from that.
6. ATAmy Tighe
Awesome job Ryan!